Key Dates

27 Oct – Nominations open
24 Nov – Nominations close
1 Dec – Voting opens
31 Jan – Voting closes
19 Feb – Awards Concert

By “sending the elevator back down” to the next generation of artists we build a broader community of people who are empowered to give voice to ideas and concepts that enlighten and enhance the human experience.

KSF was established in 2010 in the United Kingdom and 2013 in the United States to offer a support system to emerging artists and young people.

It came into existence through the passion and commitment of its namesake to support and nurture those that wish to pursue a career in the performing arts or film.

We create initiatives that discover, train and mentor emerging artists in the fields of performing arts (drama, dance, music) and film.

Our services include financial assistance to enable the creation of new work, educational opportunities through our scholarship program and mentoring by respected associates.

We work with those seeking a career in the performing arts and film predominately – but not limited to – secondary school children, further and continuing education students, undergraduates (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors), post graduates, graduates or those without formal education but the talent and drive to succeed.

We also work with up and coming artists offering them the financial and mentoring support needed to transition from emerging to emerged.

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